A Fairy Tale

A unique new type of puzzle game with humorous light hearted storyline and calming enjoyable music. Collect story pages in your own fairy tale book.


Enjoy twenty games that will provide hours of entertainment for moms, dads and kids of all ages.

Retro Arcade Toppers

Funny casual game for Nintendo DS includes three games in one. The collection of one of the most popular games worldwide - Brick game, Puzzle and Space shooter offers hours and hours of fun and action.

Make Up & Style

Is an original and unique game on Nintendo DS/DSi, designed by Zuzana Tutterova. It is the most realistic makeup simulation game for Nintendo handhelds. The game offer Nintendo DSi camera feature - wrap your own photo on 3D model and put makeup on it.

Simply Solitaire

Traditional and classic puzzle game developed in cooperation with Engine-Software.

Jagged Alliance

Jagged Alliance is an explosive fusion of role-playing game and turn-based tactical combat, allowing players to become fully immersed in their characters. A new generation of gamers will be charged with liberating the Island of Metavira through the nonlinear gameplay that made the 1994 original so popular amongst gamers.

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One of the most popular boardgames in the world, on Nintendo DS in its original form. Developed in cooperation with Engine-Software.

1 vs 100 (tm)

Exciting quiz game based on popular TV show by Endemol. The game features TV host Bob Saget. Now you can play classic TV show or additional 4 game modes against NDS or your friends (in multiplayer mode). Developed in cooperation with EC-Interactive.

Crazy Frog Faces

Funny puzzle game for Nintendo DS which supports Singlecard Multiplayer. The game is based on popular 'Crazy Frog' license and published by Mercury Games.

Command and Destroy

The first Real-time Strategy for Nintendo DS! Now you can play classic PC RTS game on handheld with all elements which PC strategies offers: two unique sides with different tactic, singleplayer campaigns, multiplayer missions, 50 different units, etc. This game offers positive playing experience - thanks to the Nintendo's Stylus!

State of War2: Arcon

Action Real-time Strategy released for PC designed for Multiplayer gamers.

Gods: Lands of Infinity Special Edition

Improved version of Gods:Lands of Infinity, created especially for North American market.

Logitech's Golf

This casual game was developed especially for Logitech's presentation to show all unique features of the MX Revolution mouse.

Gods: Lands of Infinity

A unique mixture of 3D role playing game and trade strategy with turn-based battles. This fantasy RPG contains 100+ characters, 300+ items... Distributed in EU.

State of War: Warmonger

Action Real-time Strategy released for PC, a sequel to State of War, distributed worldwide.