Zombie Brigade: No Brain No Pain

get Zombie Brigade for FREE for Wii U™


Get this „parody runner“ for Wii U for FREE!!! on 12/22/2016 in Europe, Aus+NZL and 01/05/2017 in America!

At launch, this game will be available for $4.99 / €4.99, however it will be FREE TO DOWNLOAD for 5 days after its initial release ONLY for existing Cube Life: Island Survival customers, as a way of showing appreciation to Cypronia’s loyal customers.







- Save the world in a zombie parody runner style game.

- Absolutely the most difficult runner style game on the Wii U.

- Infect everyone, no matter the weather.

- Singleplayer, one player can control up to 8 zombies at once.

- Local multiplayer up to 5 players.

- Listen to the most annyoing commentator ever. Seriously, she's really bad.

- Smooth gameplay at 59.94 fps
- In all honesty, sometimes it drops to 58.93 fps. Sorry.

- Use many useful gewgaws, doodads, and knickknacks.

- Eliminate powerful Illuminati Bosssesss like Elvis and Lenin.

- Meet the Illuminatist cycliststs de terroriststs.

- Fight against the head honcho Ninja from Hong Kong.

- Face the Illuminati supersport car in Dubai.





Release Dates :

Europe: December 22, 2016

Australia + NZL: December 22, 2016

North America: January 05, 2017