Crazy Cheebo: Puzzle Party


A match three game, drag'n'drop style, that any casual gamer will enjoy.

Ice Hockey Slovakia 2011


Challenge your friends to the ultimate Table Hockey game on your Nintendo DSi.

A Fairy Tale


A unique new type of puzzle game with humorous light hearted storyline and calming enjoyable music. Collect story pages in your own fairy tale book.

Make Up & Style


Is an original and unique game on Nintendo DS/DSi, designed by Zuzana Tutterova. It is the most realistic makeup simulation game for Nintendo handhelds. The game offer Nintendo DSi camera feature - wrap your own photo on 3D model and put makeup on it.

Simply Solitaire


Traditional and classic puzzle game developed in cooperation with Engine-Software.

Jagged Alliance


Jagged Alliance is an explosive fusion of role-playing game and turn-based tactical combat, allowing players to become fully immersed in their characters. A new generation of gamers will be charged with liberating the Island of Metavira through the nonlinear gameplay that made the 1994 original so popular amongst gamers.

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