Cake Ninja XMAS

A festive addition to the Cake Ninja series. This title features a fun mode and traditional gameplay. Try to rescue Santa and Christmas.

Cake Ninja XMAS contest - The results!


We have the first lucky player! 

The Wii U arrived to the first lucky player! Jessica the first Wii U winner and she is very happy. She got 3DS XL on Christmas so she have only played Cake Ninja XMAS probably for 4-5 days for an hour each day.


PRICE: Wii U  (random player selected on 31st December 2012)


NAME: Jessica Lane, 30 years old

LOCATION: Warner Robins, U.S.A.



The second lucky player will be randomly selected on 31st January 2013. Hurry up !

You have a chance to get Wii U, too!!!


More info about Cake Ninja Xmas contest HERE.


Cake Ninja XMAS is a festive addition to the Cake Ninja series, following on from two main releases. This title features a fun mode that mixes up the traditional gameplay of the previous entries with snowball throwing and slicing, all while you try to rescue Santa and Christmas.

When a high score is set the player will also be given a code to input on a special leaderboard at As well as fighting for a place at the top of the table, anyone who submits a score will be in with a chance of receiving one of three Nintendo Wii U consoles, with a random draw of entrants being made to select lucky players on 31st December 2012 and 31st January 2013. The final Wii U system will go to the player at the top of the overall leaderboard at midnight on 1st March 2013; this promotion is open to European and North American participants.

More information on the Cake Ninja XMAS contest will be found soon on the following web page: