Cube Life: Island Survival - Update v1.3 RELEASED

The second Update v1.3 is available!


We have released the third Update v1.3, for America, Europe (including Australia+NZL) and Japan. The major feature - Sharing maps works perfect!


Here is the list of new features:

- Skin Editor
- Internet Rankings - Friends list
- 500 items are now available! New items like bed
- Japanese decorations
- Upgraded AI of enemies
- Autojump on terrain, from water, on boats
- Autoswim + dive button
- improved game stability
- smoother Look sensitivity
- improved collision with boats

Bugs fixed:
- levitation on the boats
- fixed AI for fish (out of water bug)
- fixed bucket bug
- enemies can see you through glass/window
- unbreakable blocks removed
- TNT explosion does not remove drops of the items




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