Cube Life: Island Survival - Update v1.2 RELEASED

The second Update v1.2 is available!


We have released the second Update v1.2, for America, Europe, Japan and also for Australia+NZL. The major feature - Sharing maps works perfect!


Here is the list of new features:

- Share Custom Maps (like Super Mario Maker)

- 400+ items are now available! New items like ladders, motorboats, diving masks, traps, etc.

- Completely redesigned AI. Canibals are now smarter.

- Stealth attacks! Approach an enemy from behind and gain the upper hand

- Bigger world to explore at 3,520 x 3,520 blocks (was previously 2,880 x 2,880)

- New pets: Added Chickens, Boars, Baby Boars, and Giant Crabs

- New Animals: Rabbits, Puffer Fish, Parrots, Lizards, Gorillas, Crabs, and Jellyfish

- Fight New Enemy Bosses: The Kraken, and Cannibal Boss

- Assign commands to pets now (defensive, offensive, or collect items)

- New Color Map with Radar (displays position of enemies, pets)

- New release territory - Available for download in Australia + New Zealand



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