Big Cypronia Giveaway is ending soon

We have given away 600 free game codes for Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U! Note that 400 free game codes still left! Read more!

Big Cypronia Giveaway! We decided to giveaway 1000 free game codes for Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U! (during april-may 2015). Everybody who Likes our FaceBook page or is follower on Twitter have a big chance to get a free game. We post 100 free game codes  (50 on Facebook, 50 on Twitter), every week, random time.


600 game codes are gone. But there are 400 games still left for you, too!!! :)

So, if you Like us on FaceBook or follow on Twitter, your chance is very high!!!

Remember, once you see new post with game codes, choose one and put it on the Nintendo eShop, QUICKLY! Every code can be used only once !


 Here are game codes we gave to you so far (on FaceBook and Twitter):


PART 6/10 (600 GAME CODES)


PART 5/10 (500 GAME CODES)

PART 4/10 (400 GAME CODES)

PART 3/10 (300 GAME CODES)

PART 2/10 (200 GAME CODES)






PART 1/10 (100 GAME CODES)